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Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend recap

Where shall I start? Maybe with a weekend breakdown...

Friday Archer and I began our summer vacation. Quick trip to town, lunch, a new video game (really...what else is there to do in the summer? whatever).
Saturday was DeAnne's graduation party.
Sunday lunch with Troy and a BBQ at my cousin Lorinda's.

Okay. So those are the facts. What really happened?

What about the lessons I learned this weekend? That may be much more fun for you.
Lesson 1 - I am not in the 18 - 22 year old range anymore. Interpret that how you will.
Lesson 2 - umm....Okay. I think one lesson is enough. If you think you want details you may want to think again.
Oh yea - maybe lesson 2 should be make sure battery in camera is charged prior to party...

I got a few shots over the weekend (before the dead battery).

*The Graduate* All decked out like a movie star. Those are some rockin' pants and sunglasses!

Alex who looks like he walked out of Top Gun (which he has never even seen...). Where does one find sunglasses like that? I have to admit he pulls them off pretty well.
One of my favorite things is seeing my big brother with his son. I never thought I would see the day. He is truly a great father and Nick is a wonderful little boy! We bought Nick some "big" books and he spent much time reading...Lovely.

Cousins. I am so grateful that Lorinda's boys are such great friends to Archer. It is precious to have friends that are family. (Caleb, Dawson, Archer)
My cousin Kelly, who wasn't able to join us, sent his kids up for the day with his sister. I haven't seen Kelly in years, however I usually get to see the kids a few times a year. This is Skylar and Alexis. Darling girls.
Kelly's son Ty who is just days older than Nick. Ty is a hard one to get a picture of. I have quite a few of him running away from me. As soon as I would hold up the camera away he would run!
One last one of the graduate. Sweet, smiley girl (don't let the cute fool you! haha)!
Happy Monday. First Monday of summer vacation! Yay!


  1. That last picture of DeAnne is the best ... I love her ☺! I have to agree that Alex does pull off the "Top Gun" look extremely well. Has he tried the volleyball scene yet? HA

    Hopefully you have learned a few lessons and don't need to be taught anymore! he he he

  2. Lesson learned-leave it at that!
    I just posted and then popped over to your blog and had used the same original, witty as yourself...Weekend Recap.

    Hope Troy had a Happy Father's Day!


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