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Friday, July 25, 2008


Troy is a kid magnet. When he is around there is sure to be some roughhousing. Especially with his niece and nephews. I think they see him and a little part of their brain says "attack Uncle Troy." Archer was actually trying to help remove Dorothy from Troy's back. She is a wiry thing and escaped from Archer quite easily! I feel a bad when we leave Kirsten after one of these rounds...Troy gets 'em all wired up and leaves them with mom. What's a brother to do?
I loved this picture of Archer and Dorothy, even though the lighting is bad and there is a glare...Dorothy is quite a snuggler. She spent the night with Grandma and her last night there was our first night. So, we had a little overlap. She was in bed when Troy and I got there, but her and Archer got a little cousin time. In the morning she wasted no time crawling on my lap and cuddling away.

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