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Thursday, July 24, 2008

green up

In an effort to "green-up" a little more I have been trying to educate myself some more. As I have mentioned our family has always been pretty environmentally sound, however there is always more that can be done. Simple things mostly. I have increased the recycling effort by calling the disposal company. Amazing what one phone call can do. Anyway...I have listed some of my favorite "green" sites in the left hand column. Check 'em out and I will add as I learn more! :)

edited (for Tami): I called our local disposal company regarding the recycling pick-up of plastics. There is a whole lot of plastic confusion so I decided to just call. And I called multiple times. I would say "Hi it is me again. Can...such and such be recycled too?" The girl was really nice.

Anyway the result - in Lynden, if NV Disposal picks up your recycling, you can put in almost ALL plastics (not PVC - PVC is BAD). (Remember this is what I was told on the phone). Besides just water bottles and milk jugs they will take almost all your kitchen (i.e. yogurt, cottage cheese containers), cleaning (shampoo bottles, soap), and other plastics. Just remember to take the lids off including the dispensers on things like lotion, soap AND clean things out. That can be a problem, but take the extra step, use the water, clean out the stuff. Don't send any of that plastic to a landfill, please. :)

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