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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

local update...

Hi all. It has been awhile. I am super busy with the fireworks booth. Sales are going very well. I have to say I am a bit surprised, but thankful nonetheless. Fireworks is a huge fund raiser for the museum, so the busier the better. If you are local and need some fireworks (or want them as we probably don't need them) come by our booth (Lynden Towne Plaza) and support the museum. Oh, and if you don't need or want fireworks and want to support me anyway a blended lemonade from Starbucks would be great!

Hopefully more soon. If I don't get back here have a safe, sane, and happy 4th of July holiday!


  1. I'm coming in for sparklers...see my blog!!!

  2. I'm coming in for sparklers- see Jodi's blog!!!!

  3. I'm not coming in for sparklers...he he he...but I'm glad you're having fun in the booth!

  4. You know if I could've helped you out I would've ... FOR SURE! A drink from Starbuck's ... a blizzard from DQ ... oh yeah ... maybe NOW!!!!


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