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Saturday, July 05, 2008


I am so ready to get back to life as usual. Whatever that may be. Troy and I did some end-of-the-season fireworks business, so on Monday we return the truck and all is finished. Being mostly away from home for a week creates a lot of work. Cleaning, laundry, the everyday household stuff (actually opening the mail...). It also means getting back to eating better. Our booth is located in a grocery store parking lot, within walking distance of several fast food places and coffee places (Starbucks - yay!). Needless to say, my eating this past week has been less than stellar and I am feeling it! Looking forward to eating well! (Tami did bring homemade cookies which were very yummy and much appreciated. Thanks Tami!)

Last night a few of Troy's airsoft buddies came over and lit off our fireworks. Troy and I laid in the grass and enjoyed the show. Some neighbors stopped by to watch. It was nice and low key. I played a bit with my camera using the fireworks mode and messed with some settings...Here are a few pics. My camera battery died about half way through - these are a few of my favorites.

In other news. Evidently we are pet-sitting for people who go to Hawaii. We are watching Cheryl's cats (who miss her very much) and my aunt is leaving tomorrow and this little girl (Jasmine) is here to visit for a week or so. She is an old dog, well behaved and loves to cuddle with me. The cats aren't sure about her, but I am sure they will grow to tolerate her. Jasmine is trying so hard to become friends with Horton - he is having none of it...Maybe tomorrow.
Happy Birthday (13 - wow!) to Archer tomorrow! Hopefully we will have a nice family lunch and a little outing. He has been (and is currently) camping in Birch Bay with his grandparents so we will pick him up tomorrow and celebrate away!


  1. There is something so good about routine. Happy Birthday Archer!

  2. Happy Birthday, Archer! It's officially your birthday in Illinois because it's 5 after midnight. YAY!

    Great pics, Jerrie!

    Do you only sit pets for people that go to Hawaii or just anywhere? If you only do Hawaii, you might be narrowing your customer base a bit and may want to re-think that so you can expand your 'business.' Unless you are not in the market for business expansion at this time... LOL

  3. Happy Birthday to Archer! Glad you made it through fireworks!! I missed reading everyone's Blogs while I was gone!!

  4. I like your fireworks pictures ... they turned out WAY better than mine!

    Maybe you should forget teaching altogether and just become a pet-sitter! ☺


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