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Monday, July 07, 2008

fence and food

Dear Friends,

I am well aware that yesterday my baby turned 13 and that he did so with little acknowledgment by his mother on this here blog. We went for dinner at Jake's (yumm-o), gave him his presents (money & Starbucks giftcard), had dessert. On Wednesday he and a few friends are going to a movie and lunch then Mayhem (Youth Group) and spending the night. Look for an "ode to Archer" post later this week. I did take a few birthday day pictures of the teenager...they will come I promise.

Please forgive me the absence of a well thought-out, preplanned birthday post.

Thank you,


In other news. The big, twig sculpture in the backyard is GONE. Troy trimmed back the lilacs and started creating a fence with the twigs. Here is the fence so far. I think it looks great...I will post when it is complete. And the dessert from Archer's birthday. Angel food cake, fresh, local strawberries, whipped cream. It was fantastic!


  1. That fence looks really cool! Your husband is so creative!!! I love it!

    And I will have 4 of those desserts, please. Of course I plan to share with my family...why do you ask? *evil laugh*

  2. Happy Birthday Archer! I remember when you wore your pj's all day......do you still do that??

  3. OMG, I can't imagine your backyard without the "sculpture!" Those strawberries look SOOOOOOOO yummy!!!

    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARCHER!!!!!!! ♥ YOU!!!!!!!!!


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