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Friday, July 11, 2008

summer sweetie

Our sweet (wink, wink) cat, Ellie May LOVES summer. Loves it (a lot)! As you may recall she thinks she is an outdoor cat and during the summer she really is - thankfully. I say thankfully because one of her favorite things about summer is rolling in the dirt. The more dirt the better. Just watered the garden? Mud is wonderful. I love to watch her because she rolls and rolls and rolls - just trying to get the right amount of dirt on her I think. She wants to be adequately covered. During the winter her fur is so soft and clean. During the summer I hesitate to touch her, although she does want to be petted after a good roll in the dirt.

Here she goes. Hmmm...Is this good?
Nope. A little more.
After a good roll you still have dirt and grass on the fur. When the dirt and grass is gone it is time for another roll (click on photo to enlarge and experience the glory of dirty)...Oh my.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Clearly Ellie May is only a seasonal outdoor cat ... and she obviously loves the summer to get down & dirty ... good for her! ☺

  2. Have you tried it, Jerrie???? Maybe it's something that's really awesome that us humans are missing out on!! LOL

  3. I'm thinking as long as it's not poop that she's rolling in it must be OK!!


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