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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It has been one week since my last post. Hmmm...Sounds like a confession. What is my penance? Anyway...I do not like the excuse "busy." When someone says "I'm too busy" or "I was too busy" I think it is a cop out. Just say "other things were more important" or "I don't want to." I think "busy" is a term people use to make an excuse when they don't want to give a real reason...a good reason. Believe me, I know what busy is. However, everything I do is a choice and sometimes my choices are based on how busy I am, but my excuse isn't busyness - no my excuse is choices. Anyway...this is deep-rooted in me, this pet peeve about busy being an excuse. Let's move on...

So, I am going to say that I had other things occupying my time. Not even important things. Really. I spent A LOT of time on the computer - doing nothing. Reading blogs, hanging on Facebook, playing games. I read. I hung out with family and friends. I actually wasn't busy. Just enjoying a bit of R&R.

Now here I am. A week out and feeling a bit off. No sure where to start.

How about with my parents. They have moved. To Marysville. It is a little over an hour drive from our house - a big difference from 15 -20 minutes. Alex, DeAnne, Archer and I went down to visit and see their new home for the first time. It is smaller than the house they left in Bellingham, where Alex and DeAnne will continue to live. However, it is cute and I think the perfect size (I am not a big house person).

Happy new home owners. (If you enlarge the photo you may be able to see the "ghosts" in the door.)

Mom & Dad @ the new house.

Alex evidently thought I was the paparazzi.

Cuddling at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

I find it interesting when people move to see their "old" stuff in a new surrounding. My parent's *stuff* is all from their house (which leaves Alex & De w/ little, but they are young they don't need much) and it looks completely different. When I go down this weekend I will try to take some pictures and find some of the old house. Just a little interesting thought.

Coming this week: DeAnne (a before and after pictorial), first day of school excitement (or second or third day...we'll see), Lynde 500 (early next week) and a little bit more of {this and that}.


  1. Sorry, I would have commented sooner but I was busy!

    I like your mom and dad's new house ~ it looks very cute!

  2. It has been a sad week without your quirky musings. Oh how we've missed you ... but then again, we've been busy! :)

    Your parents look happy which is good for them.

    I can't wait to see more pictures. Load 'em up baby, I'm ready!!!

  3. I think your parent are looking soooo happy because they are now living in a house without children. I don't think it is the house but the occupancy numbers... Hope they have fun!

    Oh, and I missed you ;)

  4. Busy is a four letter word...but so is work...he he he.


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