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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


is the one who had her jaws reconstructed. The lower jaw moved back the upper straightened (for medical reasons, not cosmetic - some were wondering). Yikes. What an ordeal. We have been taking pictures through out the recovery time, however being the super nice sister that I am I am not putting the early ones on this here blog for the world to see. She has made the decision to share the pictures with friends on mySpace, I just don't think that posting here is a decision I can make (if I value my life!).

Here she is almost three weeks post surgery. Still a tad swollen, still can't feel the right half of her face, her left jaw by her ear hurts all the time, her mouth is banded shut at all times unless she is eating, and she isn't suppose to drive or engage in other active activities, but otherwise all is good. She can eat soft food and even some crunchy stuff if it is cut up so small it doesn't crunch. When the food thing starts to make her mad she mumbles "This is bulls$%t!" and then moves on.
Anyway...here she is. She is doing well. Thanks for all your concern, prayers, well-wishes.


  1. Wow, she looks really good. I'm not sure that I could have endured that surgery! Glad she's starting to feel better!

  2. I don't know if this will make her feel any better, but my mouth hurts for her. What a brave person to endure all that! Sounds like she's keeping a great attitude! Deny me food and someone's gonna get hurt.

  3. I think DeAnne looks great (and she looked great before too)!!! I'm sure it's been hard but I bet the drugs helped (and are still helping)!!! :)

  4. recovery is the worst...I would say "hang in there-it gets better"


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