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Sunday, August 17, 2008

sunny Sunday!

Good afternoon on this sunny Sunday. It looks like it is going to be another scorcher.

What a week this has been. I have been here (here being my sister’s house, not my house) for most of the past week. In fact I have spent the past two nights here while the rest of the family is in Eastern Washington (talk about HOT)...mom & dad at a family shin-dig in Moses Lake and Alex at the Tom Petty concert (lucky boy!).

I did do a stint at the fair, a four-hour shift for the CHIPS (Child ID) booth on Friday night. I went two hours early and saw the photos, quilts, art, collections, 4-H Science and of course animals. We had to see Max’s Petunia - she (and Max) is a champion after all and I would have hated not to see her. Yay Max & Petunia! I ate very little fair food - just an Elephant Ear and shared a lemonade with Troy. No fair detox for me this year (but I will be thinking of Tami and all the others as they make their way through this next week...)!

But most of the week I have been with my sister - fetching medicine, getting food (or something resembling food), watching t.v. and movies, hanging out. I am very impressed - she is an excellent patient - in good spirits (most of the time), not demanding, requires very little actually. My guys have been very supportive this past week understanding my need to help my sister. Archer doesn’t really like having his parents gone yet he has complained very little and is happy that someone is helping out his fabulous aunt (he adores her...he really, really does!). I think I can get him to come with me tomorrow - he had a hard time seeing her post surgery - he didn’t like thinking she was in pain...Anyway, she looks much better - is up and around, talking, eating soft food. I think he can handle it. Once again thank you ALL for your well wishes - she is off on an amazing recovery!

Last night we watched Into the Wild. We both enjoyed the movie found it very interesting, especially knowing it was a true story. I think it was a testament to our real need for human relationships. What a brave young man. Have you seen this? Have you read the book? I am compelled to get the book now to get even more information. If you have read the book please let me know what you thought of it. (p.s. I got the movie at our public library. I had to wait a bit, but what a wonderful resource for those movies that you don’t need right now!)

That is it for now. I have pictures from the fair on my camera but not enough will to do all that is necessary on an unfamiliar computer to post them...so you just get my words.

Have a great day!


  1. Glad your sister is doing well and is on her way to recovery!

  2. I think it's great that D has you there to help her out. Not everyone has such a devoted family. I definitely think you'll win the "Caretaker of the Year" award. I just need to find the folks who present it. ☺

  3. Wow! So, now you're a nurse too. Go Jerrie!
    I'm glad sh'e feeling better and starting on the soft food.
    Thanks for supporting Max and Petunia with your interest and nice comments. It was fun but I am so thankful it is over. I can't wait to go back to work on Tuesday- I even snuck into the museum on Saturday night for a bit.

  4. We were so sad to miss the Lynden Fair this week, but we were too busy to squeeze it in. We'll have to come up to Bellingham (and Lynden) sometime soon anyway!

    SO happy to hear that your sis is doing well!!


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