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Thursday, September 25, 2008

cute Thursday

I thought you may like a few "cute" pictures for this almost-Friday!

Um...CUTE! I found these little witch duckies when I was in Bellevue.
What happens sometimes is when you make orange hot chocolate and you look at the cute ducky sitting there just minding its own business is this. You think "now this ducky wants to swim in my orange hot chocolate" and the ducky says "take my picture." And you do because really if a rubber ducky talked to you you would probably do whatever it said. Which is how this cute picture came to be!
And the little ducky's friends they sometimes get sad because they are too big to go swimming in orange hot chocolate, but mostly they are happy. And when you look at them you are happy because...really...look at those faces!
(tall, standing lamp is my oldest Halloween decoration. He was my mom's and was a fixture at Halloween - my mom's favorite holiday. The pumpkin bucket was mine when I was a child. It still has my name, in my mom's handwriting on the bottom -love that! The mugs are adorable and from Starbucks last year.)

And then...You wake up on a chilly, September morning only to notice a sweet kitty looking longingly at you from outside the back door. You open the door because "oh poor kitty has been outside all night with the big bad nighttime outside scariness" and the kitty runs in eats and curls up on a chair and falls fast asleep. Then your son thinks she is so cute that he tucks her in before he leaves for school with his favorite fuzzy blanket (because she isn't fuzzy enough) and she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps (and has been for the past 3+ hours).
Sleep tight sweet kitten (who isn't a kitten anymore...but she is MY kitten so I can call her kitten if I want especially since she doesn't know her name...whatever!).


  1. The duck is very cute however, I think that I am slightly disturbed by the who Orange Hot Chocolate thing ~ I just can't imagine the taste of it!!

  2. I forgot about those duckies. Cute.

    And Jazz, oh how we love her. You know, a fuzzy blanket is good for everyone!!!

  3. Ducky is adorable and I totally want to steal it. But is it, like, State Law of Washington that you have to float it in your drink? And I'm with Sharon up there on the whole "orange hot chocolate" thing. I like orange. I like hot chocoate. But I do not believe I like them together. With a witch duck floating in it. Hmmmm....

    Thank GOODNESS that Archer had the foresight to tuck in the kitteh! Even more adorable than ducks in beverages!


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