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Friday, October 03, 2008


This "week in my life" project is really fun. Even when I don't take the pictures I mean to take just slowing down and really thinking about the little things has been such a blessing this week.

Today was all about home. I put on my iTunes play list (an eclectic assortment of music) and cleaned away...with the aid of coffee of course. I'm getting the house in order. Cleaning. Purging. Organizing. Enjoying. Troy and I seem to do our "spring cleaning" in the fall/winter months - saves the spring for enjoying the rain and sunshine...My first cup of coffee for the day. Checking emails, facebook, twittering, and cruising blogs before the real work starts.
There has been a lot of change in my daily life this (school) year. I'm not teaching this year. I am doing academic testing for special education referrals and a little subbing along with my cemetery work and volunteering at the museum. The thing is I don't have a set daily schedule and I like that, however on days that I'm not "working" I can get a little restless. And then on the days I do work I can feel a little out of control. One of the tools I implement, mostly for myself, is a week calendar. I love it. I write down my jobs then fill in "to-dos" on other days. I used this kind of calendar for the family when I was working/going to school - it helped with knowing who was where and when. Anyway I am adjusting to my new "schedule" fairly well and enjoying the flexibility.

Another cup of coffee. Look at the pretty cream swirls. One of the main reasons I like cream. No, just kidding...I like just a tad bit of flavor. Loving right now: Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Cream - not too sweet.

Our sweet Spazzy Jazzy all cuddled up. She is such a relaxed cat. We love her because we can scoop her up and cuddle her, carry her around, do all those things that little kids like to do with cats but usually can't. She would be a perfect little kid cat. Since we are like little kids in this house she is perfect for us. She loves to be "tucked in" when she is sleeping and usually doesn't mind if we wake her from a sound sleep to play a little. Such a good sport.
Really, tell me that isn't adorable. She woke up to play a bit with Troy, stretched out long enough for several pictures then curled back up and cuddled back in.


  1. That last shot is soo cute! Sorta how I felt this morning...the sleepy stretch - minus the cute...if's been a long week., I got no cute.

  2. I have enjoyed your "week in the life" even though I'm pretty aware of what you do most days (not like a stalker, just like a friend)! LOL

    I do like the pictures of Jazz ... adorable!

  3. Don't let Cheryl fool you. She's totally a stalker. She's probably peeking in your window right now!

    I also like that last pic! Looks like he's waving "OH HAI DERE!!" at the camera.

    And, could you come organize my life? I do well through the week, but when we have weekend things, I always forget them. Maybe it's because I consider the weekend to be my brain wipe for the week. I should stop doing that.

  4. Hi Jerrie! Thanks for your comment on my "sad" blog. ;) and for the visit. I think I got discouraged with it cause I haven't taken the time how to figure out how to do anything more than post.

    I have SO enjoyed the week in the life this week. Oh, my.


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