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Monday, October 06, 2008

feeling productive.

That's right. You read it here. I am feeling productive this Monday!

I completed the documentation process for the "week in MY life" project (yesterday). Today I uploaded and ordered pictures. I did minimal editing to the photos which is different for me - especially when I am going to have them developed. I have a "look" I'm going for for this album. Hopefully I can achieve said look. I loved the whole documentation process. It was a lot of fun. Really gave me a glimpse into my life. Sounds weird, but I think most will understand. So, this week while waiting for the pictures to arrive in my mailbox I am going to gather, in one place, the supplies I want to use for the project. I have a LOT of supplies so I want to narrow down my choices to what I think will capture the look and feel I am going for.

On another note. This weekend was way fun! (said in my most teen-ager-y, valley-girl voice). Yesterday I spent time in Bellingham with Lorinda. We went "out" for "an hour" (which may have ended up being three...maybe!) and browsed scrap stores, JoAnns, Office Max, Taco Bell! Fun Times. And on Saturday in honor of World Card Making Day we had a little girly get-together at my house and we ate, made cards, ate, made cards. It was fun.

Our star card-maker was the divine Miss Callie (she made by far the most cards! Way to go Callie). I like to call her cutie-Callie. She is always blinged out and ready for some creative action. Before she left we had to have a picture of her new earrings and ring. I edited one on my camera (for fun).

and a close up of the bejeweled girl at work...

Thanks friends for coming over to play.

And have a great week!


  1. You were very productive today ... good for you.

    Callie had SO much fun at your house ... SO much fun! She was definitely in her creative element for sure. Glitter glue ... omg! I don't ever need to see it again! lol Thanks for inviting us to "girl day" ... we had fun!


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