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Thursday, October 02, 2008

i interrupt this program

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled posts to bring something that might be slightly disturbing to some of you. While at Fred Meyer last night (camera in hand for the "week in my life" project) I wandered through the clothing department. Sounds innocent enough.

And then...

I came upon...


I about fell over and actually laughed - out loud! Remember that I am by myself so it isn't like I could turn to someone and say "Holy crap I think I owned that!" Oh the memories. The totally awesome, radical, tubular memories. Not only stretch pants (which I love by the way), but STIRRUP PANTS! I was way too tall (and without a butt) for stirrup pants - which I wore anyway, but that is another story. The little skirt OVER the stirrup pants. And the vests on the side. They are just missing a thin tie and maybe some pegged jeans (loved those). Oh and the jeans should be acid wash I think (and you know they have those at Target right now...I'm just saying is all...).

Just needed to share a little blast from the past. Everything that way oh-so-right and oh-so-wrong all at once! Who knew?

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. I swear, you & I were just talking about stirrup pants recently. Perhaps it was when we were walking past those bitchin' acid washed jeans at Target. Oh my!

  2. OMIGOD!!!!!! Not only did we own those hideous, yet somehow fantastic-at-the-same-time wardrobe items, we swapped them with each other so we could have MORE colors and patterns! What has happened! We have lived long enough for everthing to come back around! this is just too much. and before my coffee, too......

  3. ACCKKK! Stirrup pants. Wow. It really is here... I laughed when I saw some teens in the park the other day (with Jamie TG!) in 80's garb. One girl had "the hair" - you know - the fan bangs held up with copious quantities of AquaNet this the fringe below, and the "Big Hair" all around... and another gal had that while button-up boys shirt with skinny black tie and Boy George hat.

    Jamie and I were giggling like fiends. The clothes I kind of get, but that hairdo... that should just be a relic.

    Hmmm...maybe I should go get my yearbook out...

  4. I'm thinking that since they've now recycled the look of the 60s and 70s, those crazy kids are now aiming for those fab fashion finds of the 80s. As I was leaving work the other day, I saw a girl wearing black leggings with a denim mini-skirt over it, a long black t-shirt, with a denim vest over that. I wondered for a moment if I had been somehow sucked back in time.

    Man, I hope big hair comes back, too. I am SO ready for it!


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