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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

working on

I'm working on day three of the Week in My Life project. So far so good. Today was a slow picture day. I worked (in a school) today and didn't feel I should take pictures. Maybe tomorrow when I go back. Then, I was in such a hurry to leave that I didn't even catch a sign or outside of the building....Oh well. I actually got a few scenic shots today while driving down the road. So, if you live near me and see my Subaru you may want to duck and cover or run because while I bluetooth to use my phone while I drive I don't have that luxury in the picture taking department! :) haha! Really. Joking. But you still might want to get out of my way!

Tonight is full for me so I'm not sure I will get pictures up later. There is a Lynden/Meridian Middle School football game and then Mayhem (youth group). This will be my first and most likely last football game this year. While Archer doesn't play many of his friends do and we've got friends on both teams so this is the game that gets graced with my attendance. :) I haven't decided what I will be doing during Mayhem - book store or possibly jean shopping...we will see what moves me tonight. 

Happy Wednesday!

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