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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My kitchen table has looked like this since Saturday morning. Over the weekend I worked off and on on my week in the life album...I am on Friday. I need to get back to work on this. It has been really fun - compiling and creating the pages...Right now I am on a motivation break...Maybe tonight...We'll see.

For now here are a few samples pages for those who are interested.

For each day I did a two-page spread in these 4x6 divided pages. This was so much fun...I will definitely do more pages like this in the future. I used mostly Scenic Route paper and embellishments and a few 7 Gypsies items and a few other things...
I think the best thing I did was use what I had on hand. I have a LOT of *stuff* and have been trying really, really (REALLY) hard to use what I have. So, except for the actual page protectors I didn't buy anything new for this album. (I think I need some praise here...it was difficult...haha)!

My plan is to finish the two page spreads for each day, then make some individual pages to add at the end with some of the pictures that I have left over...like that flashback of the 80s photo from Fred Meyer (I think that deserves its own page, don't you?). I also have some fun print-outs from wordle for each of us that I may make into pages...It is an evolving project.


  1. It looks good so far. I'll have to see it in person to really "see it" though ... when am I invited over?!? :)

    Seriously, I like it!

  2. I don't do the scrapbooking thing, so I don't get that whole world, but I think it looks awesome! Of course, I'll have to come over with Cheryl to actually see it, touch it, etc, to get a true feel for it. What time should I be there?

    And I'm really glad that there are the super-creative people like you who do scrapbooking things so that you can make pretties for people like me to look at. :)

  3. It was fun to see today. It made me want to make one too. Next year... Or maybe Christmas week?
    Kudos for using what you have. That is what I usually do however; I have been possessed by the paper consumer disease. New to me.

  4. Lovely! I love those divided page protectors. :) And congrats on using what you have: such will power!


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