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Monday, January 12, 2009

mish mash on Monday

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This is truly going to be one of those "this and that" posts. Not a lot going on here. Due to weather and attitude I haven't been out and about much. Been holing up and staying home.

1. On Saturday I went to my friend Susan's house for the afternoon. She is teaching me to knit. This is the start to my very first washcloth. I am almost finished with it now. I have to say, knitting is fun, addictive even. And anyone who knows me knows I love paper - the scrapbook store is like a little piece of heaven on earth. I can see the yarn stores becoming that way...I really can. This picture isn't great, it was taken with my cell phone, however it shows that a) I can knit and b) the cool orange/yellow/white yarn I picked up for my first project. Fun, fun. Thanks Susan!

2. I met my mom this morning at Starbucks. Gotta love that. She was up for the day, teaching CPR, errands, etc...So, before her busy start we met for a little breakfast, coffee for me (of course), and hot cocoa for her. I use to see my mom at least once a week and since she's moved it has been closer to once a month. I still drop by the house and see "the kids," however it is so not the same. I miss my mom, BUT here she is...today!

3. I just found out my grandma, my only living grandparent, had a mild heart attack sometime in the last few days, not sure quite when, but she is doing well and is in the hospital making nurses question their profession! The quote is for her. Grandma did NOT want that tea they gave her, she doesn't like tea, coffee for her (and of course my coffee-lovin' cousin did the duty and smuggled some in...naughty, naughty. I would never do such a thing. hahahehe!).

4. Big Love starts Sunday. HBO. Be there. 'Nuf said.

5. I found Shimmy on FitTV. Now that is some fun stuff. I am glad I am doing it in my living room...I do not think I should be doing this anywhere in public or even at home in front of people. I know my friend Katrina has done belly dancing classes - she is much braver than me. However, I am lovin' the shimmy at home.


  1. What I see when I look at your knitting is your laptop. You are knitting while on your laptop ... multi-tasking at it's best. :) Don't forget, sweaters have 3 sleeves ... at least the ones Lorinda wears do.

    Hi Annette ... miss me yet?

    Hope your grandma is ok ... bring her coffee & a good magazine (perhaps Playgirl) to perk her up.

    I will SO be there to watch "Big Love." I can't wait to see Bill juggle his women as only he can. :)

  2. I love to watch Shimmy! And I mostly just watch, I don't think I look the way they do when I try out those moves!

  3. You'll need to knit me a hat and scarf because we're having stupid snow again. Of course, if you've only mastered dishcloths, I guess I could work with a few of them. I could tie them strategically to my head...(pause for you to picture that). Indeed.

    Sorry to hear about Granny's health, but it sounds like she's doing ok. Hope she is back to her normal routine soon and no one gets busted for smuggling.

  4. Your grandma sounds like my grandma. :)

    And THANK YOU for the heads up on Big Love... I am so hooked on that show and was wondering if it was coming back.


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