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Sunday, January 04, 2009

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." - C.S. Lewis

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? It is also Oatmeal Month, Soup Month, and Prunes for Breakfast Month. However, Hot Tea Month appealed to me more so I think I may celebrate that. :)

You may remember my love of Yogi Green Tea from a previous post.  Want a free sample of Yogi tea? Go here

In addition to Yogi Green Tea I love the Pomegranate White Tea from Trader Joes and many types of Celestial Seasonings (White Pear - YUM), and a few from The Republic of Tea (Pomegranate Green, Cinnamon Plum, Kiwi Pear Green). I also have a fondness for plain ol' Lipton Black.

What is your favorite type of tea? Is there anything particular you like in your tea? Sugar? Honey? Please share...I love to find a new type of tea...although I think my cupboard is getting a tad full...better get drinking.

And now I am off to enjoy a cup of tea...I leave you with these words: Always sing from your heart (from my Yogi tea bag this morning).  Enjoy!


  1. Sorry but Powdered Lipton's Iced Tea is about as Tea as I get!!

  2. I bought Yogi Green Tea on your recommendation from TJ's yesterday. Am going to try a cup a mere minutes.

    I love real chai (from Royal India near us), and really love a cup of strong Earl Grey with a little sugar and milk. Yum.

  3. I'm not really a tea drinker, as you know. I much prefer cold drinks (Dr. Pepper rocks) BUT if I was to have tea regularly my favorite is Angel Falls Mist. I do add some sugar but not tons as the tea itself is quite yummy. :)

  4. I'm not much of a tea drinker, either, but I would recommend an ice-cold Diet Mt. Dew or a big glass of ice water to quench your thirst!

  5. Honey Vanilla, I think it is Sleepy Time. We like it in the evening before bedtime.
    In fact, I think I need some right now...

  6. It seems as though there may be a theme to the month - warm foods/beverages to get you through the wintery days.


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