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Monday, February 23, 2009


I knew the birds couldn't eat as much food as I was giving them. I saw a few birds eat from the feeder then this guy comes...Not a cute little gray squirrel, one of these big old black (non-native) squirrels! And it's not that I am mean or anything, but this guy is greedy. He just hung upside down and shook the feeder right into his mouth.

Nice that he would stop to pose for this picture though, huh?
Just feeding away.
My poor birdies. Luckily they have another feeder and I have plans for this one as well...Hopefully squirrel proof ones.

Happy Monday all!


  1. Best of luck in the squirrel proofing department... those little buggers are crafty!

  2. I love that he/she is looking right at you in that first picture. And I'm glad you got a picture too ... maybe you can show the picture to Ellie May & Jazz and put a little bounty on his/her head ... perhaps a cat treat or two? :)

  3. Since I abhor birds, I would be delighted to have a cute, furry squirrel to feed. But to each his own. I'll send you my hated birds and you can send me your cute little guy. Deal?

  4. That bugger! My mom gets mad at them to -get a pellet pistol-maybe not;0

  5. Black squirrels are rare here! It is a treat to see them. But I know my bird people really HATE any squirrel because they eat the bird food.

  6. Cheryl - Ellie May and Jazz are useless. They wouldn't catch a squirrel - I think they are scared of birds. :)

    Angie - Sorry about your hatred of birds. :( I love watching ours. And you do NOT want these squirrels.

    Jodi - UM...I didn't post the OTHER picture I took. Imagine - Troy posed at back door w/ airsoft rifle. Just imagine. Not that it happened.

    Angie - I would happily feed our native squirrels, but they don't come around any more because of these nasty aggressive ones. Come to my house - you can take this one home with you.

    Happy Day!


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