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Thursday, February 19, 2009

tingling tastebuds for over 75 years.

"Life is like a twinkie, we all want the fluffy golden outside but it's the cream filling that really matters." Tom Brady
Until just a few days ago, Wednesday to be exact, my 13 (and a half) year old son had never tasted a Twinkie. I didn't know this. I just assumed the kid had had a Twinkie at some point in his life. Not so. Evidently he liked his first Twinkie. Good to know. So, he asked me if we have anymore. Uh, no, of course not I ate them (duh). Being the nice mom I am I went and bought him a box (yep, a whole box) of Twinkies. I will not eat a single one. I promise.

My question is - Am I a good mom because I kept my kid away from Twinkies for over 13 years or I am a bad mom because I kept him away from Twinkies for over 13 years? Hmmmmm.....

By the way...He has had donettes quite a number of times. We are big on the chocolate covered ones. AND did you know that you can go to the Hostess site and there are recipes for using their oh-so-nutritious products? The Mini No Bake Twinkie Cheesecakes look interesting.

Edited: ok. I just went and looked at some more recipes and the penguin party for the Sno Balls is ADORABLE (as is the wizard and the ornament...)! And I want to try the Ding Dong dessert sandwich.


  1. Funny!! Twinkies were on sale at Safeway the other day, and I thought, "hmm...I haven't had a Twinkie in literally years. Oh! Neither of the kids have ever had one either. Is that good or bad? Am I depriving them or protecting them?"

    I remember LOVING Twinkies as a kid, but I decided, in the end, that the reality probably won't live up to the fabulous memory, so left them at the store.

    However... have you tried the raspberry-filled powdered sugar Hostess donuts? Sigh... sadly, I really could eat a whole box of them. ;o) Katrina

  2. I don't think "bad" is the right word for you keeping him away from them for so many years yet I feel like he has definitely missed out. Poor kid! Maybe that's why he's so dang skinny!

    Twinkies are yummy ... as are snowballs ... I'm hungry!

  3. He needs hoho's, ding dongs, and fruit pies. He has definitely been denied the good things in life.
    Archer-If you're reading this I think you should know cereal comes with sugar, in faux flavors too.
    Happy eating, Archer!

  4. I have a confession ~ I don't think I've ever had a Twinkie before in my life either.

  5. Funny. I hardly think you're a bad mom for keeping him from twinkies. In my opinion, you were doing him a favor - they're gross!

  6. Ohhh.. no twinkies!! Haha. Well, good to know he likes them!! We love the chocolate covered donettes too!!



  7. My mom never bought 'em...and I'm all messed up...hehehe.

  8. When I was a kid, we did have Twinkies at times. Now with my kids, I also don't think they ever had a Twinkie. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose. I guess they have different favorite snacks. Kids today may not think Twinkies are the "cool" snack anymore : )

  9. I agree with septembermom. I think when we were growing up, there weren't quite as many snack options, so Twinkie/Ho-ho's/Ding Dongs were "the" snacks. I know that my 15 yr old just had a Ho-ho not that long ago. Wow, that seems so wrong to type.

    Anyway, I'm glad you've finally let Archer into the wonderful world of delicious snacks! I hope he enjoys his box of Twinkies! It makes me want to eat a box to celebrate with him. LOl

  10. I've had twinkies ruined forever for me... I actually bit into one that had gone bad. Seriously, I didn't think that it was possible for a twinkie to go south. This one was way south... it was like Brazil south. It was horrible. I'll never, ever touch another one as long as I live.

    I think that there are way better snacking/indulgence options than twinkies. Like a good cheesecake... or creme brule... or tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmmmmm


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