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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hi friends.

You may have noticed a little change to the blog. Or you may not have. I have, brace yourselves, added Troy as an author on the blog. He goes through these phases of wanting to share and refuses to open his own blog because he says this one is for the family (blah blah blah). And really, he is right and I don't mind sharing with him.

Anyway. His posts are always interesting. He is thoughtful in what he writes. We may not always agree, but sometimes we do and that is what really makes a marriage and partnership interesting right?

So, at the bottom of his posts it will now say by Troy. Make sure to take a minute and read his stuff and give him a little comment (even if you think he is crazy!). His newest post, an excerpt from a Mark Twain lecture, is very good. I love me some Mark Twain, especially his lectures and letters.

Oh. One more thing - evidently Troy doesn't believe in proper punctuation and capitalization - cut him some slack (can we say ee cummings?).

Until next time.


  1. I did notice his last post actually showed it was published by him but I didn't realize even then he was an actual "author" on the blog. Way to move him up in the world Jerrie! :)

  2. I have noticed his postings over time and I'm glad to see he's now getting credit. However, if I don't comment it's not because I'm being stuck up, it's because he's probably talking over my head and I have no idea how to respond. Forgive my ignorance. LOL

  3. Guest poser, I mean imposter, oops, I meant to say guest poster. Or is it guest blogger? Anywoo.
    It's okay once in a while just don't let him take over. Speaking of which, maybe he could blog about his paper clip plan to take over the world? I'm sure your readers would be thrilled.

  4. i thought you said he was going to have to get his own blog.


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