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Thursday, March 19, 2009

just a thought...

I am not a political person (I really don't like blog posts that start like that...but bear with me). I am not vocal, I don't watch political shows, I tend to shy away from political conversations. I don't like the words - Democrat, Republican, Independent, conservative, liberal, middle of the road. I just don't. I am educated. I read, I talk to a few people regarding issues, I watch the news sometimes (however I do not find that a good forum to receive information).

That being said, I do believe in politics. That is a strange statement I know...how do you not believe in politics they are everywhere? I also believe in education. I think we need to think about and be aware of the founding principles of our great country.

So, where am I going with this? My friend Pete is awesome. Oh. Wait. Sorry. Start over.
My friend Pete and his friend Mark, started a website LibertyBands that is dedicated to education of the founding principles of Republic, Liberty and Justice. The site is filled with tons of information. What I appreciate is I can read through it and be reminded of what I learned in my high school American Citizenship class. I also appreciate that the information is not party based. It is education based. If you are Democrat, Republican or fall anywhere in-between you will find useful information on this site.

So, take a moment and give the site a read. Take a break and go back again. Lots of information there...you will have plenty to read!

If you enjoy the site and want to "support the cause" on facebook go here and become a member.

Those sites one more time:
LibertyBands site
facebook site



  1. I love you guys too! Jerrie this was above and beyond. Thank you SO much for taking the time to help spread the words our forefathers left for us. The creation of this nation was amazing and the truths behind freedom and liberty never change and never die. You inspired me today!

  2. Wow! Nice writeup Jerrie,

    Thanks for the props! Yep, Pete is awesome! I have a great time working with him every day for the cause of Liberty.

    We've combined two philosophies into the production of this website. Strength in knowledge and strength in numbers will help the American people not only understand what is wrong in America but also enable them to do something about it.

    Thanks again. I hope your readers enjoy the site.

    Oh yeah, and there's NO advertising on that site, the only way we gain any income from the site is a little on the sale of each band. So if your readers like the site, please order a band. They're cheap and they serve as a tool for propagating freedom.

  3. Loved what you had to say in this post.

  4. This was a great post.. and I think it's very important to be educated!! Too many people make decisions just based on the last thing they heard, not from what they know. Sounds like a wonderful sight, I'll have to go check it out!




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