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Monday, June 01, 2009

"You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
right round round round."
-Dead or Alive

You may remember this girl. She makes it on the blog a lot. My best friend. My cousin. I adore her. We drink coffee, we eat cupcakes, we scrapbook our hearts out.

Well, I might not have mentioned that she makes her living as a personal sadist (as in extreme cruelty). Oh sorry. I mean she is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Much nicer titles than evil, evil, evil torturer which is what I'm calling her today.

See, she has taught "group fitness" classes for a LONG time and I have never taken one. I hear she is hard. Well, today I took my first class. It was a spin class. It was hard. Very hard.

Lorinda (the spin torturer), brother Alex, sister DeAnne, Me, cousin Rob, and Rob's girlfriend Tasha

Some of my family joined me for my first class - I need reinforcements! The picture isn't great...maybe next time! What? Did I say NEXT? Ya, I think I'll go back. I was able to walk up the stairs and out the door and drive my car home. That is good right? And people keep saying that it will get easier...

and Lorinda? I LOVE her. Forever. She's the best (even if she torturers people for a living - someone's got to do it!).

Hope your Monday was great!


  1. CONGRATS on making it through your first class! You can't complain too much though - remember, YOU signed up for it (crazy lady)!!! I'm glad to see you found DeAnne too ... I was wondering about her. So, is there a total of 6 people in the class or did you move the "bikes" around to make your pic better??

  2. Hey, that's cool! And, what a beautiful gym - seriously. So much light!

    Congrats on the first class, Jerrie!


  3. First of all ~ I love that song!!

    Secondly ~ congratulations on getting all fitnessey (word?). You just might inspire me to get my butt in gear!!

  4. Yay jerrie! Good for you. I hope you can keep it going, round.

  5. Everyone is smiling! It must have been a good class!

  6. Oh wow, that is awesome. Sounds like a great friend... and woah, making through a whole spin class!! You go girl.. that rocks. It probably will get easier, but it might take awhile. Keep it up!!


    Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!


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