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Monday, August 03, 2009

"Watch the busy spider,
He's as helpful as can be,
Eating insects all day long
Now they won't bite me."
Troy was out cleaning the drain in our driveway and boy-howdy talk about spiders. This guy was quite impressive in size and speed. Slowed down for a picture though. Thank you Mr. Spider.

Funny thing...I HATE spiders. VERY afraid, but they fascinate me (from a distance - lovin' that micro zoom). However, when I was teaching second grade one of my favorite things to teach was the unit on spiders. I think it was the excitement the students had for the subject and that we studied them right before Halloween. So many fun projects and when second graders beam with pride at being able to spell in addition to say, cephalothorax, it melts a teacher's heart!

So, after having taught the whole spider unit I still don't like these creatures, but I feel like I know them better and no longer insist on everyone of them being squished DEAD!


  1. Jeez, I can barely say cephalothorax! Spiders are fascinating though. Luckily, I am not afraid of them (but HATE rodents - EEEEWWWW!)

    I'm also learning to love songbirds (me, of the bird-phobicness... because of the kids' interest in them. Funny how that works. ;o)

  2. Some small spiders are okay but those grandaddy long legs freak me out!

  3. You mighta wanted to stick to your squish-em-all edict with that guy: http://www.doacs.state.fl.us/pi/enpp/ento/images/l.reclusabrown2.jpg

    What you had there looks might recluse-ish, and when you said it's "fast" that makes me doubly suspicious.


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