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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weekend fun. My parents are back from Europe, so a trip to their house was in order while Troy visited his parents and took in the gun show and the Renaissance Faire.

A bonus to going to visit my parents was seeing sweet Nicholas. He had a birthday this week - he just turned four. No longer our baby, he's grown into a little boy. I love this little guy...he is so sweet and makes me laugh.

WooHoo! Opening presents!

This may be my favorite picture. That look on his face...Probably wishing I would stop with the pictures already and help him and goofy auntie De open the boxes.

Summer fun on the slip 'n slide with his big cousin Archer.

I love seeing Archer and Nick together. They adore each other.
Ten years difference makes this cousin relationship fun and unique!
Good times!


  1. My kids must meet Nicholas some day.

    He really is such a little sweetheart, and pretty close to Madeline age-wise.

    Happy Summer fun weekend!! We're due for a visit up your way very soon... will let you know details when we know them!


  2. good summer times with the fam. Renaissance faire, Hmmmmm!

  3. Great family fun!! I love hanging out with the little ones!!

  4. I love the age of four... the terrible two's are finally finished and a nice little boy emerges.
    The TT's went on a looong time here.
    At least that's how it went at our house.

    Nic is cute and it's nice he has Archer to look up to and admire.


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