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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mondays with Mabel

Good news! Mabel made her way out of our yard and into her room. While I think she enjoyed her night under the stars I'm sure she enjoys being in the comfort of her own room a little bit more.

It's a tight squeeze (not quite as tight now that Troy's friend Christian built a great workbench) and the lack of breaks make backing down the driveway into the garage kinda iffy.
It might not be proper, but I had to catch a picture of her undercarriage. Nice huh?
That Mabel - she's got some nice headlights. This one has been replaced.
Another possibly improper shot. Mabel with her top down. Eeks.
Troy has been working hard on getting Mabel looking good. Her right side is looking less rusty, more green.

Thanks to those who have come out to visit and our help with Mabel. Tonight Alex spent quite a bit of time stripping her...


  1. I feel a little dirty ... looking at Mabel in all her nakedness. I'm thinking your blog is looking at an "R" rating, any day now! ☺

  2. Mabel is lucky to have her own room. I thing our "twins" are jealous... Erik will love to see Mabel. She's fab.

  3. I'm sure Mabel presents herself as a perfectly nice girl, but it sounds like she'll let anyone take a turn with her. Hmmmm...


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