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Saturday, October 10, 2009


As I type this my little boy, my baby, is at his first high school dance. His first official date including dressing up, buying a corsage, paying for dinner...the whole shabang. And to be honest I feel pretty good about it. It was fun to be part of the excitement before hand and it was so wonderful to see kids that I have known "forever" go on this journey with Archer as well. The homecoming was for a different school than his own which evidently didn't faze him one bit. This homecoming was about firsts, friends, and fun...

*Archer & his adorable date, Jayna*

*looking good*
I could not think of a better girl for Archer to go on his first real "date" (he doesn't like calling it that) with. Jayna is funny, down to earth, and an all around great girl.

*the whole gang*

*and of course a little bit of fun*

*you can never pose for enough pictures*

*and again*

*the boys*
this is one of my favorite pictures. Archer & Kelby. They have been friends since first grade. I think of Kelby as my own...Love these boys.

*sealing the deal?*
dang! I can't believe how big these boys are...Trevin and Archer met through Kelby (above)...they became fast friends and brothers.

*New Horizon boys, friends, family*
Archer, James, Trevin, Kelby
These boys, while not all related, are family. I love each and every one of them. I am so blessed to know them and be a part of their lives. (fyi...New Horizon is our church where most of the kids in all these group shots go to youth group...fun times).

*mom Teresa*
We share our boys. I trust her completely with Archer and I think of her boys as my own. We often call Archer the triplet and he thinks of Teresa as his other mom. We are blessed.

*my boys*
Archer's best friends. He is lucky that when he met Kelby (left) that he also got another best friend in Trevin. I love that every time I see them I get a hug still and that they call me mom (or old lady sometimes).

And we're off...on the adventure that is high school. I am thankful for good friends (that are practically family), good role models, good decisions. I am thankful for fun and freedom and the knowledge that Archer has a great head on his shoulders.


  1. It's hard to believe that Archer's old enough to go on a date. They grow up so quickly!

    They make a very nice couple and I hope that they had tons of fun! Let us know how it went!

  2. Cute pics but I have to say, I am NOT ready for this at all. Better you than me, I say!!! lol

  3. They are all absolutely adorable! OK, I mean, beautiful and handsome. And, most importantly, they all look so happy. What great memories, and yes, you are blessed with a great young man (and he with great parents), and wonderful friends.

    Hooray for High School (especially with good choices)!!


  4. Really, really cute pictures. Archer looked so handsome for the dance.
    Fun times for sure, it is so nice when they go with good friends.

  5. Awww...cute pics! His "non-date" is BEAUTIFUL!

    Just be ready...we're doing stuff like COLLEGE FAIRS, and ACT/SAT tests, and MILITARY RECRUITERS...OMG. I don't understand why they want my 5 (cannot be 16, just cannot!) yr old son. What? He's a junior? In high school? I don't think so.

  6. WOW! they look like they were having a great time- and they all look soo snazzy!


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