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Friday, October 09, 2009

Dancing, yes indeed.

As Archer prepares for his first school dance it made me reminisce a bit about my high school dances. At least the first dance with a date and dinner and pictures.

My first dance was actually a MORP I think...I didn't have a good reputation going to dances....At least not after breaking up with this boy twice at dances, standing up another, and wrecking a little VW bug in a parking lot with my dad's Caprice (please don't ask my dad about me and dances...I think it may be one of his favorite subjects and I don't come off in a good light. haha). This was Sean. He was my first high school boyfriend. This was one of our first dates, my freshman year, his junior year. We dated for about a year and half (with a few breaks when I broke up with him AT dances).

Ok. Now to what you really wanna talk about. Lookey at that hair...peroxide is a girl's best friend as is a perm on an already curly headed girl; bunchy socks (oh ya!); layered shirt with a polo; and those shorts were my fave - pink/light blue/white plaid - loved 'em. I had a lovely tan a la baby oil (before I cared about things like skin cancer and decided sunscreen was the way to go).

And another dance picture with Sean (uh...I broke up with him at this tolo, sorry Sean that wasn't nice).
Can you believe I broke up with him when we were so color coordinated?

Once again noticed the scrunchy socks...what the heck?

Well there it is. A little trip down memory lane. I am excited for Archer because now he's forming his own memories...one day he may make a similar trip and I have to say being 20ish years removed the trip is much sweeter.


  1. Scrunchy socks ... peroxide hair ... tans via baby oil ... oh yeah, those WERE the days! lol

    I can't WAIT to see pictures of Archer all dressed up & hopefully hear a little about the dance (from him, he'll totally tell me, right?)!!!

  2. And seriously Jerrie ... why DID you break up with the guy AT the dances??? What's up with that?!? lmao

  3. so. when guys would pick me up for a dance my dad would ask if they were sure they wanted to go with me...like they had a last minute out. the only safe one was Matt as he was already my ex who I was going with as a friend...

  4. Yikes! I hope you aren't teaching Archer everything you know about going to dances.
    I can not wait to see the pics of Archer and his date all dressed up and ready to go.

    Oh, and the tie. There are tutorials online and that is what Danny used for the windsor knot.

    Have fun Archer ;)

  5. Geesh, remind me to never invite Jerrie out dancing. Nothing like getting your heart broken to the classic sounds of George Michael wailing about a Careless Whisper. I'm never gonna dance again...

  6. Wow. That's all I can say because I'm just constantly amazed at how fast time flies. Next thing we know, my kids will be graduating and Archer will be getting married or something crazy like that!

    Love the flashbacks too.



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