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Monday, October 26, 2009

mabel rare finds

Well, as mabel moves forward there will be a period of less noticeable improvements. So that is why I elected to add some bits that wont go on for a while but that were discovered and to give you an idea of where this whole thing is ultimately going.

So far......

The headlights are in and wired. They dont connect to the dash but they are in and when the dash switches are installed then bada bing, bada boom.

Under the skirt-where I spend most of my time......mabel is getting her axles polished and undercarriage scrubbed. I expect to have the front end fully painted by the weekend.

The brake lines have been reinstalled as when bleeding them last thursday a huge leak in the line was discovered. Lets hope they work this time (fingers and eyes crossed.)

But now for a quick glimpse into the future.

You will notice 2 items that seem oddly out of place- a can and a big leather scabbard. These are items discovered over the last week that are part of all the gear that will go with mabel. The can is a water can-each WC was issued 2 gas cans and a water can. The scabbard is a BAR (browning auto rifle) vehicle scabbard. It is what you kept your gun in so that it didnt bounce out going over rough terrain. They were often mounted in the position you see here or across the dash.

But what is the end result? Mabel was born to be a workhorse. She was made tough to go places and carry things a gang of guys could not. One of those things was a 37mm anti tank cannon. Mabel will ultimately be a tank killer. She will look like this (another fellows fine efforts at restoration).....

Here is what mabel will become-a line of USMC tank killers on Guadalcanal.

And her is a cousin from North Africa waiting for a german tank.

Next week we will have the front undercarriage painted. Hopefully the rest of the windshield inner frame put in and the last of the pieces for the front engine compartment and lighting on the way (the weather stripping, and Black out lights, etc.)


  1. Suh-weet!! An anti-tank cannon? Now, that's my kind of vehicle! ;)

  2. I am impressed that anyone is able to fit a tank killer in their garage--I can't even fit my minivan in mine:)


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