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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

mondays with mabel

I'm a little late. Why? Cause I was busy putting a truck back together! Anyway from the pics below you will see that the outer windsheild frame has been painted and reassembled and that I am feverishly working on lights so that I can reinstall those. Slowly but surely more gets done to bring mabel back from the memories of yesteryear-if only all those old fogies out there could have a "restoration" done. Perhaps that will be the next big thing-buy an old person and "restore" them. I also found a great deal on an inner windsheild frame and bits on ebay so I hope that will arrive soon.

Any hoo I hope to get the brakes filled and working this week with a little help and to get under the fenders ground and painted. (half done).

Then it is on to the seat backs, seat belts and the remainder of what they call the "tub" (where the drivers and passengers sit.) A little tender lovin scrubbin there should get me ready to do the big dash and dine of the cock pit proper (jerrie can stop laughing now).

The first week of November will see some of those items purchased that will "finish" the front end. Weather stripping (jerrie stop laughing)-which them old timey folks back then called "lacing", a black out light-for driving "blacked out" which is not a drunk driving term, but instead of explaining it I will let you google foo find out the meaning, plus some various bumpers, spacers, liners, etc that will fill in details that need filling.

Well on my way to having her driving for my birthday.

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