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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It is Tuesday morning. Evidently a Mabel update did not happen yesterday. I wasn't feeling well and left it up to Troy...well...we saw what happened there.

Today's list:
*email Cheryl & facebook away
*get the boy off to school
*coffee, coffee, coffee
*finish laundry, clean the bathroom
*lunch with the sister, left over spaghetti (ah yum)
*volunteer at museum
*weight lifting class
*by this time...tired.


  1. You didn't put "NAP" on your list. And I know you're already trying to sneak one in! lol

  2. I think the nap is implied, Cheryl. Isn't it on everyone's To-Do list?

  3. Another coffee entry, and "Relax on the couch and read" would be good. And, hey, if you nod off for a nap, well that's even better!

    Hope you feel better today! If I had one of those transporter things from Star Trek, I'd beam you a cupcake or three to make you smile!!


  4. Thanks for being a docent at the museum :)


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