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Saturday, November 21, 2009

sneak peak...

Friday afternoon, after a simply delicious lunch at Lynden Mandarin (yummy cheese wontons) with my husband, I just happened to pop into Sole Obsession to see what kind of goodies Kelly had on hand.

Uh...there were many, many possibilities, however after listening to my wants and needs (there are just a few...and Kelly and her staff are great at listening and getting you what you want) she said something along the lines of, "I have what you need." She disappeared into the back room and came out with these beauties. I put them on and didn't take them off.

So, ladies of Lynden, these will be available to you...next week! I recommending running there next week for your own pair. I don't know about other colors, but dang...cute in black and they have super traction for the Pacific Northwest fall/winter weather.
And a little close up...love these Merrells! So comfy and just enough lift to keep my pant legs dry, yet not feel like I'm wearing heels.
Happy feet. Happy Jerrie.


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  2. Perfect! Very cute shoes. Kelly always has the right shoe. I am going to today with Fred to do some Christmas shopping.

    I had to delete the previous comment-typO!

  3. Very cute! Love 'em. Love Merrells!!



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