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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Summer was meant for a hay ride
Fall was meant for a stroll
Spring was made for an Easter Parade
But winter, winter, winter
What a night! What a night!
Splendid and serene
Journeying where there's a chill in the air
Through this wintery scene
In the chill, what a thrill
Children's eyes are bright
Searching the sky for a sleigh flying by
That just might come tonight
Jingle! Jingle!
Watch out for Kris Kringle
Feel your nose tingle hands and feet are warm
Better hurry, Grandma starts to worry
she thinks ev'ry flurry turns into a storm
What a night! What a night!
Now we're on our way
I'll bring the cocoa and you'll bring the
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Up and away!
What a night! What a night!

I love, love, LOVE Christmas music! It just puts me in the holiday mood. I love to have it playing as I do laundry, bake cookies, or wash the floors. It's just good fun.

My favorite new CD (from last year) is Harry Connick Jr.'s What a Night! Love him. Love his music! He wrote several of the songs on the CD himself.



  1. Ooohhh... I love Harry Connick Jr. too! Maybe I should put this on my list for Santa. ;) Or, Joel.

  2. Harry Connick Jr. is the BOMB! Listening to him croon just makes me smile. And swoon a little too!!! ♥


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