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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays with Mabel

I know, I know you have all been wondering about Mabel. Is she still around? Is she okay? Did she just decide one day she'd had enough of this cracker jack operation and head for a better garage?

No, no. She is still lovingly housed in "her" room. She still receives much tender loving care from her Troy (and a few others who help out frequently, namely Pete...he's an awesome guy - an actual mechanic from WW2 - lucky Mabel).

Putting in the foot pedal dust sleeves. Wouldn't wanna get too dusty she is a girl for crying out loud!

Lookey. She's got some new gauges. Yay for Mabel. Now she knows how fast she's going and if she's hot or cold. Good for her.

And what's that?
Do you notice anything different between the picture above and the one below? Huh?
HEADLIGHTS! Now she can see. At night. Poor thing hasn't even been able to read a book in the dark of night - she's been stranded in the garage - bored I'm sure!

But really, headlights are a huge step forward in the electrical department. Things should, hopefully, go smoothly from here.

Happy Day Miss Mabel!

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