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Monday, April 19, 2010

"I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." ~Rita Rudner

My husband is the best. Really. He's funny and quirky and I might just be the only person who could ever live with him. Well, me and Archer. Oh and his parents - but they got rid of him fast! :)

Sometimes he leaves stuff laying around.
You know like this:

and this:

But that is all good because he is kind and funny and smart and kids LOVE him. 

And...he's really helpful. Like he lets me know when sloppy joes for dinner would be a good idea. 

And...he's good with colors and clothes. I know, I know some of you who KNOW him think clothes? fashion? Troy? NO. But really, he is. He chooses to wear those clothes from the 1940s. I swear he can match stuff and make great outfits if he wants too!

Case 1: I come home from shopping with a new skirt, shirt, whatever.
Troy: It's nice. But you're never going to wear that.
Me: YES I am! (slightly indignant)
Fast forward a year (or so). I pull said garment out of the closet.
Me: I never wore this.
Troy: I know. I told you you wouldn't. 
In these cases I think he is undermining my freewill. Just saying.
Case 2: Recently I came home with two new tops in color (i.e. not black) - turquoise-ish and purple-ish/pink (I could ask Troy what colors they are but he isn't here). He takes one look and says that they are nice...and then he says what I'm really looking for...
Troy: The purple-ish/pink one will go with anything. Jeans, the green shorts, the brown shorts. The blue one with jeans and the brown shorts but NOT the green shorts. 
Me: Ya. I knew that about the blue one. Not with the green shorts. (Note to self: Do NOT wear the blue shirt with the green shorts!)

See? He's helpful. Although there are times that he will tell me something matches and is just wrong. He does not believe in pale pink and brown. According to him that shouldn't happen. Just in case you were wondering.

And...If anyone is wondering what Mabel looks like RIGHT NOW...
Poor girl lost her insides. She's getting 'em all redone. I'll have Troy update on that later.

Happy Monday friends!

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