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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.” —Marcus Aurelius

Yesterday we had the good fortune of going to two Memorial Day celebrations. The first in the morning held at the Lynden Cemetery and the second, The Festival of Flags, held at Moles Greenacres Memorial Park.

Troy participates in The Festival of Flags with his reenactment gear (hopefully next year Mabel will make an appearance). He has a stream of people stopping and checking out his stuff and talking about memories or asking questions. It is great fun for him.
The festival included many speakers, including Jerry Stewart (from the radio programs One Moment in America) and a Homeland Security Blackhawk that delivered the American flag. I spent some time watching children create message for the troops overseas.
The park was full of families and community members celebrating the fallen and active soldiers as well as visiting loved ones who may not have served. There was such beautiful energy in the cemetery. It was wonderful. A cemetery should be a place of celebration and yesterday it certainly was...

And, of course, I visited grandpa and grandma. I miss them daily. I didn't get to the other cemetery to visit my other grandparents - this week for sure.
I just couldn't stop taking pictures of the flags. There are over 1400 flags lining the pathways - it truly is a spectacular sight.

It was an amazing day. Much thanks to the soldiers that have laid down their lives for our freedom, our way of life. Thanks to those who are currently serving - be it at a base stationed in the U.S., on a tour of duty in another nation or deployed to a hostile environment. Thanks to everyone who has served a short enlistment to those who have retired from our military. Thanks to the families left at home while their loved ones are serving. Thanks to the civilians who support our military daily...It takes everyone!


  1. Beautiful photos! We visited 3 cemeteries yesterday. Next year we definitely add Moles to the tour.
    I bet the vets love seeing Troy's display. Very cool!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos and words - lot it!


  3. That would be LOVE IT!! I'm a dork. No, wait, no I'm not, I just need my coffee!!!


  4. Beautiful pictures, Jerrie!

    I think we will add the Festival of Flags to our celebration of the day as well...It looks so beautiful, and the program (which I listened to on the radio) was very meaningful.

    Thanks for sharing!


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