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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

back to normal?

So I'm home. Today I woke up in my own bed, got the boy off to school, napped out of sheer exhaustion, played catch-up with cemetery work, ran errands, had lunch with my husband, ran more errands, cleaned and did laundry...you know all the regular everyday stuff of life.

I had *fun* with Miss Kelly from Sole Obsession as her borrowed feet for a weekend of shoes, shoes and more shoes. And while the shoe show was fun it was also exhausting. So much work. Kelly has her work cut out for her. We made sure to keep some fun alive...
 Kelly made a new friend.

I have issues? How rude.
(I loved this sign for some reason)

Simple sneakers for Spring. I love love love Simple sneakers!


After a long hard day of shoes shoes and more shoes we went to Anthropologie. I think I could live there and wear their clothes. And I kinda want to make this nook in the back yard and take up painting just because...

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