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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Being Blunt

Okay. I am just a little frustrated so keep up. Maybe if I say it on the 'ol interweb people might stop and think (just kidding!). Anyways some notes:
1. I have an ego, everyone does, and mine is no larger or smaller. Just 'cause you are wrong does not mean that I am trying to hurt your feelings OR that I will apologize because I am right and you feel bad about being wrong. If you are wrong then change your mind and get on with life. I don't expect you to like me because I'm right. I just expect you to do the right thing.
2. A good idea is just that, a good idea. It does not make you better than someone else or them better than you if you did not come up with it. If you attach personal value to good ideas then you probably don't have many of them. If someone else comes up with a good idea, don't hate them for it. Be glad someone somewhere came up with a good idea as they are in short supply these days.
3. It is always easier to make a claim to someone else's generosity when they have what you want and you want them to give it to you. If you don't get what you want change your desires or shut up about it. Pestering people only makes you more annoying.
4. Everyone wants everbody else to go out of their way to understand them and what they are going through. Next time you are tempted to feel "if only they could see it my way I am sure they would agree with me" you need to sit down and write a 10,000 word essay on why they feel the way they do and how YOU need to see it THEIR way.
5. I don't care if you don't like someone. You have to work with them and if you can't do that it is your problem not theirs. Egotism does not define knowledge or ability and if it does the mistake YOU are making when you just plain don't like someone is your egotism talking-NOT theirs. So tell yourself to go play in traffic, not your enemy. If they are your enemy don't screw around not liking them, just get rid of them. Oh and by the way "I don't like them" doesn't make someone your enemy-it just makes you a jerk.
6. Nobody has to like or respect you, so be thankful when someone says please and you actually get your way. And remember to say it yourself to others. Even if you don't want to. You catch more flies with Bullshit than anything. And it never hurt anyone to be polite. Also remember no one has to continue to like or respect you. Just because you did good once doesn't give you a free pass to stop doing good in the future. An old Buddist parable says "What happens when bulls stop shitting? The flies leave."
7. Now the final statement is this-"are you offended by these ideas?" If they offend you then read them over and over until you stop blaming others for your problems or you can reply (its a free country after all and if there is anything you should have gleaned from this post it is that I will not stop you from doing stupid things) by saying "maybe you need to read these yourself Troy-you are not perfect" In which case I will personally reply with the international sign for "I'm number 1" and invite you to re-read the first sentence of the first note.

Other peoples feelings are not a philosophy. Politeness is not a religion. Taking time to spell words right will actually bring closer to your diety (because it makes you stop and think about what you are going to say), and making people feel good about something stupid that they did is just condoning stupidity. Being generous starts with you, not someone else asking you, and giving in to stupid people only makes them more of an idiot.

Troy Luginbill


  1. Go Troy! Amen! As far as ideas, we are all just reinventing the wheel...hang in there!

  2. So many people are frightened of new ideas and change. How will we ever move forward if we're not willing to take the first step?

  3. Just read it easy to agree with hard to live up to.


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