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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here it is.

I have completed the clean on my side of the bed. As is typical Jerrie fashion when I decided it was time I took everything out of the corner, piled it on my bed (or moved it to the end of the bed), and vacuumed and dusted everything. Then seeing the pile of crap :) I didn't really want to clean anymore. I just wanted to go in the other room and take a nap...However, since all the crap was on my side of the bed and I couldn't go to bed until I moved it all I dug in.

First I went through the what is working, what isn't working, what I need right now, what I want in the future...

What is working? I had all my crap/stuff right by me. I like the little basket filled with lip balm and other beauty related items (finger nail clippers, files, lotion, Burts Bees cuticle cream...you get the idea).

What wasn't working? Um...I had all my crap/stuff right by me! Interesting conundrum isn't it? Already read magazines/books piled w/ unread magazines/books. Could never find a pen when I needed one...It was a mess!

What do I need right now? A place to keep all my library books together, a place for magazines to read and books I am currently reading, a spot for pens and post-its (as anyone who has ever borrowed a book you will know I LOVE my post-its while I read). What I did...I gathered a basket devoted to just library books (on my dresser) and one for magazines (on the red chair). I brought the cute trio of pots from on top of the kitchen cupboard that weren't being used to hold pens, post-its and other little stuff. I stole the red chair from the kitchen to hold the magazine basket (and there is a pillow under for Jazz to cuddle on). I stream-lined the books to books that a) I am currently reading, b) my Bible, c) a devotional.

So far I like it...It works for now...
What I want in the future? Oh let me dream...I soooooooo want a new (to me) dresser (one that has drawers that don't sag...preferably not press board), a new lamp (this one is fine and still somewhat new, but so boring), a new (to me) side table, oh a new bed would rock (but is low on my list), and I want to paint (but I HATE to paint so Lorinda needs to come out and paint!).

I know this picture is unrelated to the bedside cleaning, but here is Jazz who decided to climb in the tub. She loves water (namely the toilet) and has been fascinated by the tub for sometime...finally decided to take the plunge! Weird cat.


  1. Your "after" pictures are truly fabulous! I am quite jealous ... maybe someday mine will look like that. I doubt it but I can dream ... ☺

  2. Fact you don't know about me...I love to paint, especially walls. Give me a roller and a bucket...wahoooo. You buy the pizza and I think Lorinda and I can knock it out in no time flat. Wanna show you my appreciation for being my best commenter.

  3. Wowee I gotta say I am impressed! Great job on the clean up! Makes me want to go do mine. Or just continue to sit here on the couch and look at your pretty pictures! :)

  4. Woweee, chicky! Looks fantabulous and I like the way you thought about your storage solutions and made it all work. It looks so pretty and fabulous and wonderful and...

    Have I plied you with enough compliments to come do mine? The top of my dresser is my catch-all...and right now it's not readily apparent that I have a dresser! EEK!

    Seriously, I do like the way you organized things! I usually end up shuffling it all around into different stacks, which doesn't really accomplish much.

  5. Good job! I need to do some organizing around my house too!

    Where to start?!!

  6. I felt like I was watching a decorating show on HGTV as I read your blog! Very impressive, dear. And I think I just read that Shelly will paint for you...I won't. Pin her and Lorinda down with a calendar and go crazy!

  7. Is that the same corner that the monkey was in? much improved where is monkey?


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