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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day. Jammie Day. Project Day?

Today is a snow day. Therefore it is also a jammie day for me. Staying in my comfy cozy jammies all day. That is my plan.

Last night I took this picture:I know what you are thinking (well...I am thinking)...YIKES! Jerrie, is that your stuff? Is that your mess?
Why, yes, that is my mess. Thanks for asking...

So, my plan for today - if I feel so inclined to move from the computer, the couch, away from my book(s) and magazines - is to clean/organize the side of my bed. Wish me luck!

P.S. See the monkey? I got him for Christmas when I was about 5. I love him. I named him...wait for it...Monkey! A very original child, huh? Anyway, I fell in love with this monkey when shopping with my mom at Discount City (any of you locals remember - and love - DC?)...I cried when I had to leave him there. Now here he is...still bringing me joy!


  1. Please show us the 'after' picture...
    Monkey is cute. So happy to have a snow day, love it and have been doing the snow dance for two weeks. I'm exhausted but its here.

  2. Tell Tami to stop that dancing stuff ... not everyone loves snow days! ☺ ha

    I want to see an after picture too, especially considering the before doesn't look too bad.

    Is "Monkey" the one I took a picture of when you were in D.C.?

  3. Way to get motivated Jerrie!!

    I've had all sorts of thoughts today but have they gotten me anywhere??

    Enjoy your PJ Day, I'm enjoying mine!!

  4. I'm jealous! We sure didn't get a snow day today! But there's always tomorrow! We started the day with temps reaching a high of 57, but within an hour they had dropped to 20. Yes, twenty. It's currently snowing and blowing like crazy, so we'll see!

    I love Monkey. Monkey rocks!

  5. Ya gotta have a really big mess so that when you clean up you feel like you've really accomplished something. Makes perfect sense to me, but I'm a big mess-girl.


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