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Saturday, January 19, 2008


This one's for you Cheryl! Went on a "cat hunting" expedition this morning. This is what I came up with. Scout and Pepita. I was quite excited because Scout isn't the friendliest of cats and she came right out in the open and let me pet her and take her picture. No hiding, no hissing - unusual for her. I followed her around for a good 10 minutes just snapping away. I liked this one because of the stripes on the bed and her mottled fur.

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And Pepita. She is the friendliest thing. Loves to sit on laps and cuddle. I only woke her up a little bit (insert devilish cackle here) to take her picture. Being all black and half asleep was a little difficult for a good picture. I think she was mad at me right here because she wanted me to sit and let her on my lap. Sorry Pepita, Cheryl needs some pictures. 

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There is one more. Chloe. She is an elusive cat, however in most instances much nicer to me than Scout. Go figure! She ran under the bed when the camera came out. I will try again later!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Scout's marking ... so neat!!! And poor Pepita, she definitely doesn't look very happy. ☺

    I do appreciate the pictures though ... you know I love kitties!!!

  2. I kinda looked like Pepita this morning, before I had my coffee. The Husband and his brother were laughing at me, they met early this morning for coffee and seemed to find humor in my pre-espresso stupor.


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