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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Refrigerator Door.

I had the desire to do something productive today. This desire was accompanied by also wanting to do nothing...interesting! So, I decided to tackle a few of the easier projects that have been on my list for quite sometime...Why have these things been on my list for so long if they are so easy?

First I cleaned out the phone cupboard. Threw out some *stuff* and organized a bit. That one was easy.

Then I decided to tackle the refrigerator door. While I have seen messier fridges in my life mine was beginning to irritate me. I had such a random assortment of *stuff* on the fridge - a picture from when Archer was about a year old (this was it's third fridge door - in the same plastic frame - yikes); a picture of Chip, Lorinda, and Caleb (from before Dawson was born...); various magnets; ALL of Archer's middle school report cards; doctor notes; 2 grocery lists; and other random stuff.... I decided to take a few of the items and make a QUICK scrapbook page. Here it is....
And the after shot. I love the alphabet magnets (Old Navy and M&M World) and I HAVE to have 2 grocery lists (one for Trader Joes and one for regular groceries and Costco). And what fridge door would be complete without art from a child? Archer's Mona Lisa parody from 7th grade art fits the bill for that one.


  1. It definitely looks CLEAN! That's for sure. Where's the other stuff though? Like the cute cat magnet & a family picture that rocks above all else? Just curious! ☺

  2. Wow, clean! I completely emptied mine last summer and all of my rent-a-kids missed seeing their photos posted...they actually gave me :( sad face when they saw everything was gone.

  3. Wow! Looks good. You're not trying to motivate me or anything are you. That wouldn't be very nice!! :o)

  4. I like the page idea b/c the fridge door really captures where we are in daily life! Nice!

  5. I like the idea of a regrigerator page!
    The stories of our life.

  6. OK, now I'm feeling guilty about not getting more organized... Well, really you are inspiring me, but the fact that I felt inspired by your bed-side re-org, but didn't actually embark on my own clean up projects is what's causing the guilt. ;)

    OK, so, where to start....??? Uh. The fridge!

    Nice idea to scrapbook the fridge stuff. I like it...

  7. The before & after pictures of your refrigerator door are great...a very impressive transformation. I'm glad you kept Archer's Mona Lisa artwork on the 'new' door.


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