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Monday, March 10, 2008

really he is cute...

I love all the t-shirts with cute sayings on them. I rarely (never) buy any, but they are sure fun to look at. I saw this one in the girls department and I absolutely loved it. I also like the one that said "I am the cutest one in my family" because well...it is true! haha... So, when I came home I thought I needed to post the picture and of course had to have "proof" that my brother looks funny...here it is - the proof. Now tell me that isn't funny. (Picture below taken on Easter many years ago during an Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt...No mercy - stealing, pushing - anything for the egg! I think maybe he wasn't winning the hunt - notice the lack of eggs in the basket!)...
I love you Alex! (even if you look funny...smile!)


  1. That picture actually turned out pretty good, especially considering I took it on your cell phone.

    Poor Alex, his older sister is saying MEAN things! How will he ever survive? ☺

  2. As an older sister, I believe it is your DUTY to say mean things about your younger siblings. I'm certain I read it in the Older Sister Handbook.


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