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Monday, May 26, 2008

Festival of Flags

Troy participated in the Festival of Flags at one of the local cemeteries, Greenacres. He was invited to wear and bring his WWII Marines paraphernalia to share with the visitors. He loves nothing more than to share his passion with others. I took a quick trip out there to see him this afternoon and, of course, take some pictures.

I love this one. It was my photo of the day over on my photo blog.
The flag display is very impressive. Flags line both sides of all the roads with in the cemetery. There were a lot of people today. There was a nice Memorial Day ceremony complete with a 21 gun salute, bagpipers, and the county youth jazz band.

Troy at his "post" with a jeep named Valerie. The Jeep is not his (although I can see one in his future or maybe a tank...you never can tell) it came from the Heritage Flight Museum (maybe they tried to fly the Jeep I don't know...).

Another of Troy and his tent...

My Grandpa Bud is buried at Greenacres and I was actually able to find his stone this time. Maybe I will share my tear-filled story about "losing" his grave at another time - today I was just happy to find it. I miss my Grandpa.
Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Love -Love the pictures!! I must get a nice camera like yours....but Im sure the great eye you have helps. I think if you ask Christian every time you see him if he has gotten me on yet he may take the hint! Speaking of the wonderful DH did he know about Green acres? I am almost positive he would have gone on a field trip with some of the kids.. we had my brothers 4 today + our 3 = 7!

  2. Nice Memorial Day post. I bet Troy had a fun day with all his toys.

  3. Pretty pictures ... colorful & interesting all in one (sheesh, you're getting good at this)! ☺

  4. I am glad you took pics of the flags -I just drove by wishing I had my camera! Beautiful!


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