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Monday, May 26, 2008


Today is one of those lazy days. Archer and I did a little bit of yard work this morning - he mowed, I began the process of a new little veggie garden. For those who don't know I am not really a "gardener" or an "outdoor" girl for that matter. I try or pretend to try to make things look nice around here. A few well chosen potted assortments usually does the trick. However, there is always a however, I do like vegetables. I like to grow them...so to do it right I needed a new little patch. I tend to work in chunks of time...and things could take awhile. So, we will see - I hope to have the pumpkin and other squash starts in the ground this week. Stay tuned.

In other news...my (almost) teenager is mastering this contacts thing. He is getting really good at putting them in and taking them out. He took a few days off wearing them this weekend so it is taking awhile to build up to the whole day thing...

I think a nap is in order today and maybe a bit more photo organization. Oh and an ice cream cone. Right now.

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