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Saturday, May 24, 2008

remember my quest?

Remember that quest to become more organized? Look at the previous post if you need a refresher.

I have begun digging through boxes of old photos. No rhyme or reason on why they are in a box together. Some are when I was a baby. Some when Archer was a baby. Some from before I was born. Each box spans many years. One thing each box has in common is A LOT of pictures.

While this project has been a tad on the tedious side and very long (I am not even close to through), it has also been a lot of fun. I love looking at old pictures. I am lucky enough to have a mom that not only took pictures, but gave them to me quite a few as well and I know that if I want any more that I just need to go to mom and ask.

So, here is a sampling. Enjoy!

me 1975. I have a "DeAnne look" on my face. (Don't know DeAnne? Well...she kinda looks like this but 18 and blonde.) Funny.

me 1974 (8 months)- Now tell me I wasn't stinkin' cute!

me in middle school. Those are some rockin' glasses (I know you are jealous! I think I may still have them!) and yes, I did sit around surrounded by florescent pink decor while reading (didn't everybody? it was the 80's!).

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