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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think I can handle it.

Here it is. The obligatory first day of school post. On the second day of school. Not so bad. The pictures were taken on the first day of school. I am so on top of things this year.

I still can't believe my little boy is an 8th grader. I was telling a friend (Hi Cheryl!) that Archer still looks like a little boy. I was commenting that he still has a round face, little boy cheeks. Um...she informed me (thanks Cheryl) that he indeed does not have a round face and little boy cheeks. What? Really? So, trying to prove my point I whip out my phone and look at pictures of Archer. Huh. Evidently that round face and those little boy cheeks aren't there anymore. I wonder where they went. I look at him and see...evidently someone completely different than the rest of the world. I was informed (Cheryl is smart...soooper smart) that it is ok - that I just see my little boy.

Anyway...my, evidently growing up, boy giving me the "L" - I wonder what he thinks about first day of school pictures. Did you know that you aren't allowed to follow an 8th grader to school and take a picture in the classroom on the first day? Hmmmm....who knew? (haha)Giving me the "mom let's go" grin. Ok. Off we go. 8th grade. I think I can handle it. And him?
Oh ya he can handle it. After two days he is loving 8th grade. He likes all of his teachers. His favorite subject so far is Spanish. He has classes with most of his friends. So far, life is good for this 8th grader.


  1. You CAN follow him to 8th grade and take pictures! You run the risk of him disowning you and freezing up in horror, but you can still do it.

  2. I'm glad you have a SOOPER smart friend like me. I tell you, I do come in handy every once in a while! I think it's normal to see your kids one way ... as your baby ... when they are actually growing up.

  3. Hola Archer.
    Que tal?
    Yo hablo en Espanol en poco.
    Y tu?
    Adios amigo!

  4. People at my house are taking BTS really hard so I did not take a picture of them. Shame on me...but good for you. Archer looks taller.


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