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Monday, September 01, 2008

oh brother

Is there anything like a brother? No. I think not. Well...maybe two brothers. That is what I have been blessed/cursed with...two brothers.

First there is this one. This is John. He is the oldest (notice the really gray hair!). Six years older than me, 19 years older than Alex, 22 years older than DeAnne. John had his first (and most-likely only) child three years ago - the sweet Nicholas that readers of this blog have grown to love! He graduated from Sehome High School (boo-hiss! haha), went into the Air Force, is currently retiring from the military and started working for Boeing doing...something...I am a bad sister...I never know/knew what he does/did. I know in the Air Force he did something with planes (good deduction on my part...). John lived away from us for a long, long time. He moved back (to Washingon) about four or so years ago. It has been fun to have him closer, share holidays and bbqs with him again.
And this one. This one is Alex. The baby brother, but not the baby. He was born when I was 13 - my first baby! He graduated from Bellingham High School (the same year I graduated from college) and has stayed local. He is a homebody. Alex is fun and sweet and is one who really enjoys life. You can usually find him at Cornwall Park playing Frisbee golf or hanging with his friends. He is usually pretty laid back, but can be really serious when he wants to be. Alex is a great uncle. He is Archer's hero, role model, buddy.
See? He is a happy boy. He really doesn't like my camera - gets irate when I whip it out! These covert shots are usually the best anyway.
Typical brother thing. He was spying on his little sister...reading her messages...waiting to get the crap beat out of him (you don't mess with the DeAnne)!

One of my favorite scenes. I love to see my big brother with his little boy, being a dad. It is something I never thought I would see. John was always a meanie big brother (he laughs and loves his meanie stories), but he has become a wonderful, loving dad to his little boy...So...it's all good.

Oh the joy of brothers. With brothers you get it all. The good. The bad. The ugly. The fun. And at the end of the day I love my brothers - unconditionally!


  1. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a brother. Having only a sister (older at that) it's a whole different world. Clearly my parents didn't love me enough to give me a brother ... I might have to talk to them about that. Or not. :)

  2. Nice post Jerrie. I love the pic of John and Nic, so intent and they look alike. It is fun to watch brothers with their own kids.

  3. That's so funny that you talk about your brother being a great dad. I spent some time at (one of) my little brother's house this weekend, celebrating (one of) my nephew's 2nd birthday. My nephew is a Daddy's boy through and through and it just amazes me to see my little brother doing Dad-like things!

    To clarify, I have two little brothers, a little sister, and an older half-brother. I also have 3 nephews with one more on the way. We don't need no stinkin' girls in our family apparently!

  4. What a wonderful post! And, I agree, brothers are an entirely different species unto themselves, but nice to have around. ;o)


  5. Isn't it nice to grow up and be able to love your meanie big brother? I have one of those and it's a wonder we never killed each other!

    I love the picture of your brother with his son. Their expressions are the same with their furrowed brows! Classic!


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