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Sunday, September 07, 2008


the most satisfying way to battle fruit flies is with a vacuum cleaner. Oh the joy of sucking up those pesky beasts (yes, I know they are small but they are beasts in my eyes!). I love to see one or two flying around thinking whatever it is they think (probably "hey...there is the crazy lady. Watch me make her lose her mind." or something like that) and BAM suck 'em up! What a wonderful feeling.

Anyway. That is is for tonight!


  1. I wonder if the fruit flies are the only ones who think you are crazy?!? Hmmmm! HA

  2. Oh, geez - thanks for the morning laugh! I'd honestly never thought of using the vacuum for fruit flies. I can see how it would be satisfying...

    I must admit that Joel read this and said, "Whoa." in a "Whoa look at the crazy lady." sort of way. But, hey, it's Joel, right?

  3. Thank. You.
    We had dinner guests last evening and I made peach shortcake for dessert. While we on the patio having a party those pesky fruit flies took over my kitchen. I thought of you and now I read the solution...
    I totally cleaned up last night but alas and alack they're back this morning. Urggg.
    Feel my pain.


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