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Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...


It seems like the beginning of autumn starts at different times for different people. Cheryl looks at the opening of Bellewood Acres as a signal of the upcoming season. My cousin Lorinda sees September 1st on the calendar and it is autumn in her book - out come the decorations and yummy zucchini bread. Others celebrate the solstice on the 21st or count the 22nd as the first "official day."

Me? The beginning of autumn presents itself at one of my favorite hang-outs. Hmmmm....I wonder where that may be. When I see that sign "Pumpkin Spice is Here" my heart does a little leap for joy and I know without a doubt that autumn is around the corner...Just waiting with mild weather (which we have had plenty of actually), changing leaves, pumpkins, lovely scented candles and a change of decor.
Autumn @ Starbucks 2

I had my first Pumpkin Spice latte (grande, 2 pumps, non-fat, light whip, a little nutmeg please) with my cousin, Lorinda today. Delightful. (And you know what Pumpkin Spice means right? It means that Gingerbread is right around the corner! Yay!)

So, tell me...I would love to know...What signifies autumn to you? A date on the calendar, a trip to an apple orchard, pumpkin bread? Do you have any beginning of autumn traditions? Anything at all you would like to share at the beginning of this new season? Please share.


  1. I like your collage of pictures ... very festive!

    Yes, Bellewood Acres signifies the autumn season for me. It's my favorite season & I wish it would last longer.

    I can NOT wait to see the leaves changing colors ... LOVELY!!!

  2. The collage is GORGEOUS! I love, love, love autumn because it's the best season EVAH!

    Autumn starts for me when the evenings are cooler, we're watching high school football games, and I need a sweatshirt. A perfect autumn night is football, a sweatshirt, and a cup of hot chocolate (hot chocolate mix, hot water, no pumps, no whips,chips,chains,dips, no froth, no nutmeg, please -- Yeah, I'm picky, I know!).

  3. The apples on our tree being ready, the first real Fall chill in the air (and the need to buy the kids some "back to school" clothes), seeing school supplies in the stores... and then it's all Autumn for me! My favorite season too.

    Mmmm... pumpkin spice... need to get one of those this a.m. on the way to the Farm!


  4. Pretty pictures Jerrie! Love all the orange ;)

  5. Okay you win. You are the new ad exec. for Starbucks! Love the pics.


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